Weekly Roundup: Post Charm City Gameday Edition

Yesterday I attended the Charm City Gameday in Maryland. In the morning, I learned (and played!) the Dresden Files RPG, and in the afternoon, I participated in my first ever Fourthcore Team Deathmatch. Both were awesome and fun in their own very different ways, but the one constant was the friendliness of the players, GMs, and even the store staff. I will definitely be attending the next one, and perhaps I’ll see you there! (In case you’re wondering, my team lost the deathmatch; we’ll be discussing more details surrounding that in the next podcast…)

Robot Viking brought to our attention the latest Legends & Lore article which outlines one of the most exciting new developments for D&D Next. We can’t wait to see how this works. It simplifies the system in a very positive way.

We also have a non-traditional link for you this week – a really cool graphic entitled “This is an Adventure” by Tim Denee. See if you can guess which class would be carrying which kit of items (or just admire the art).

Jennisodes announced the Gencon Social this week. It’s a chance to meet and mingle with other gamers and a whole slew of podcasters. If you’re going to be there, check it out.

Speaking of conventions, check out a few of the seminars that were recorded from Origins this year. There’s the gaming and social media seminar, and the designing in public. Both included Tracy, a designer for Sand and Steam Productions.

If you want to know what some old-school D&D players think of D&D Next, you should check out the thoughts posted by Greyhawk Grognard this week. These sentiments (cautious optimism) seem to be the norm in the OSR community.

Geek Ken proposed a few ideas on how he intends to tweak the Advantage and Disadvantage mechanic when he gets a chance to playtest D&D Next. We look forward to the verdict.

Finally, on the non-D&D-yet-still-nerd-related front, we have a list of 13 books that every nerd should read over at Critical Hits. Agree or disagree, it’s worth checking them out. Of the library. (see what I did there?)

Blast From The Past (Weekly Roundup: How We Find Our Articles Edition)

Paul from Blog of Holding posted an amazing graphic depicting all the monsters in MM1 by level and environment.  We can’t imagine how much time this took…

(Editor’s Note: You can now buy this graphic as a poster as well as the “Dungeon Generator as a Dungeon” poster at the site. I own both, and highly recommend!)  


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