Free Full Sized Ship Game Mat: Hellstrider

As promised last week, here is the full map of the Hellstrider, a replica of Fat Dragon Games’ “Sea Dragon,” done in Dundjinni.

I’ve also included it with a water background, if you’d like a more mundane ship, and a version without a grid for all you Maptool users out there. One note I will make about using it in Maptool to help DMs align the grid – the main deck is 5 wide; the mast on that deck sits in the middle of a square. The lower deck is only 4 wide, so the mast sits in between two squares. I apologize for not including more details (like cargo), but I’m currently working on a project, and didn’t have time.

This ship is a traditional “Cog,”¬†which were primarily trading vessels used in the Middle Ages. I will spare you the rest of the interesting internet research I did; I’m sure you know how to use Google if you want to know more, or just want to look smart in front of your players.

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One Response to Free Full Sized Ship Game Mat: Hellstrider

  1. Mike Bourke says:

    Thanks for the maps, Benoit!

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