One Page Encounter Maps: Crypt of the Mountain King

I’m out of town on business this week, so I’ve asked Bogie, of the Dundjinni forums, to fill in for me. I was excited when he agreed, because every map I’ve seen of his is stunning. Below is a beautiful “one page” map for you to use in your game. It’s not actually one page, but based upon the poll I took last time, most of you won’t mind a little cutting and taping for this map. He also made a true one page encounter map for us that I will be presenting in the future. I hope you enjoy this map, and if you want to see more of his work, you can mosey on over to the forums.

Crypt of the Mountain King by Bogie

I designed and created this map using Dundjinni several years ago. I have used this basic map layout for several different maps, but this one is my favorite. It was one of the first times I used a double wall layering technique to give the walls more depth. Some people have commented that it makes it look more like it is outside rather than underground. I feel you could use it either way. This was also one of the first times I used a lot of shadow and lighting effects. It sets a good mood for the game without being to dark.

In my game the party had to prevent the crypt from being unsealed. Locked away in the tomb are some of the most powerful undead and only the enchantments on the door seal keep them from roaming the land causing death and disruption. Unfortunately they arrived to late and had to deal with these creatures.

Opening the crypt doors high in the mountains reveals stairs down to an arched entryway. Beyond the trapped arch is a hallway with a bench. Surprisingly the hall is lit with a couple of torches. At the end of the hall is a locked gate that leads to the central rotunda. The room at 7 o’clock is the body preparation room. It contains the equipment and potions needed for mummification. The room is inhabited by 1 to 3 Mummies.

The Rotunda has a small round altar in the center. Placing an offering here may help the party. In fact if no offering is placed there within 3 rounds of entering the room, all the coffins are opened at the same time. The room at 9 o’clock is the sarcophagus holding the Mountain King. He has become a Lich. The room at 11 o’clock is the treasure room. The King tried to “take it with him”. At the end of the hall (at 12 o’clock) is a small round room with a statue holding a mirror. Anyone who put an offering on the central altar will be healed when they stand in front of the mirror.

The next 4 rooms hold the remains of the King’s closest advisors. Feel free to make them whatever kinds of undead you want. In my game they were a Vampire lord, a Greater Mummy, a Death Knight and a Wraith Lord (think of it like the lead Nazgul ). If an offering was put on the altar, the coffins remain closed until someone enters the room, but then that single coffin will open as soon as anyone opens the door. If no offering was put on the altar within the 3 round time limit the doors to these 4 rooms and all 4 coffins will automatically open as soon as any one of the doors is touched. The DM can add as much treasure as they feel comfortable giving.

The types of undead can be changed to whatever suits your game.

You can download the PDF for cutting and taping here.
If you want to use the map in a VTT, the full size graphic is here.

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