Weekly Roundup: My Gencon 2012 Schedule Edition

Even though we were not originally planning to, we will be at Gencon this year. As last year, we will be taking advantage of Baldman Games’ generous offer for a room and badge in return for judging services. As such, that will be the bulk of my weekend. If you’re playing any Ashes of Athas during my slots, don’t be shy to grab us as a judge! (Or not, you know, depending…) Here’s where we’ll be:

Wed: Open (will be participating in Let There Be Games)
Thu: 8-1 Ashes of Athas (AoA) 5-1
Thu: 1-6 AoA 5-2
Thu: 7-12 AoA 5-2
Fri: 8-1 AoA 5-3
Fri: 1-6 AoA 5-1
Fri: 6-?? Ennies!! (and reception)
Sat: 8-1 AoA 5-2
Sat: 1-6 AoA 5-2
Sat: 6-end of Gencon FREE!! I’ll be stopping by the Fourthcore Team Deathmatch, then free form gaming and wandering and dealer hall-ing and whatnot. Basically, The Huckleberry.

First up this week: The Tome Show  has been around for 200 episodes! That’s a lot. If you haven’t checked out the podcast yet, be sure to grab a few back episodes as well. Congratulations!

And of course, speaking of Gencon, The Dungeon’s Master had some convention tips this week – 6 for Players and 6 for DMs. Something for everyone! Oh wait… they left out “innocent bystanders.”

The Land of Nod had an interesting idea for cleric turning abilities. While this isn’t 4e specific, it would be fairly easy to port 4e conditions into the table.

The Douchey DM tackled the problem of players who cheat. While we’ve never seen the point of cheating in a cooperative game, there are those who do, and they must be dealt with. (That sounds more ominous that we meant it to)

At  Exchange of Realities there have been several reprints this week, including one discussing the problem of divination type magic for an investigative adventure. Find out how she deals with it.

Stargazer’s World tackled the topic of 10 Games I Would Take To A Desert Island. See if there are any games you recognize (and any you don’t).

Finally, over at Stuffer Shack there was a followup article to their villain contest we linked last week. It’s some great thoughts on what a villain should be.

Blast From The Past (Weekly Roundup: Gencon Giveaway Edition)

Standard Action had a quick and easy method to create rocks as terrain pieces.  Real rocks are heavy and sometimes hard to find in the size you want.  This method is lightweight and makes a convincing looking final product.  We approve of this arts & crafts project!

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