One Page Dungeon Maps: Chamber of Secrets

I’m currently working on a guest post for Stuffer Shack (still to come!) so I thought I would have Bogie do another one page map guest post for us. Enjoy!

Chamber of Secrets
by Bogie

This is a secret and very well hidden room where inquisitions are conducted in private. It is deep underground and can only be reached by a teleport gate. After speaking an activation phrase and touching the correct spots on an ancient arch, the gate activates and will transport anyone between the gate and the torture chamber. Few go there willingly, even less return.

Immediately to the right of the arrival gate is an upright cage just large enough to hold one person. To the left is a dried blood encrusted inquisition table and the instruments of torture. In the lower right corner of the chamber is a cauldron of thick red liquid – blood. The blood is used in some of the rituals. Near the southern wall is a hitching post and
manacles. In the floor by the southwest wall is a pit. Sometimes it is necessary to hold more than one prisoner at a time, and this is where they wait the horrors that are about to befall them.

The heroes are trying to rescue someone who is being held here. After battling through guards and monsters they find the gate that will take them to this chamber. PCs will find that they can only enter the gate in single file; the first ones through will be attacked and on their own. (Edit: A DM could really make this a challenging encounter by only allowing characters through the portal every other round. PCs on one side of the gate can be fighting monsters/guards, while the PCs who have passed through are in their own fight. They would then have to strategize the best order to enter through the portal.)

This map was created entirely using Dundjinni software other than just a little cropping in Photoshop. More information and thousands of maps can be found on the Forums at Also, many of my maps can be found in my DeviantArt gallery.

The full sized map image can be downloaded by clicking the image above.
The printable PDF can be found here.


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