Gamma World Deck of Many Things – A Contest!

DSC_0004 A few months ago, Michael Robles, the WotC Magic: The Gathering Community Brand Manager, posted a project on his blog. This project had nothing to do with M:tG however. No, it was a Gamma World Deck of Many Things. I was quite excited to see this, and even more excited to see that friend of the blog Wes Hall had done the awesome artwork for them. I wanted me a deck of that goodness.

But I didn’t want the “print and cut out yourself” version of these cards that was being offered in Microsoft Word format. No, I wanted cards – professionally printed, glossy, poker sized cards. So I contacted Wes to see if this was a possibility. He put some files together for me, and I sent them off to Superior POD to be printed.

Here’s where the story gets interesting. I meant to order 3 decks – one for me, one for Wes, and one for Michael. However, due to some confusion with the Superior POD ordering system, I ended up with 8 decks. What to do with the extra decks? Give them away, of course!

Michael Robles will be giving one of the decks away (bug him to find out how), so that leaves 4 for me to give away. Now, I don’t want to give these decks away to random commenters. That’s too easy. So, in order to enter to win one of these decks, you’ll need to prove to me your love of Gamma World by creating a One Page (Gamma World) Dungeon that incorporates the Deck of Many Things. Out of all the entries, I will pick my favorite three entries to get a deck. The fourth deck will go to a random entrant. So even if you don’t think you’re adventure is super great, you still have a chance to win one. Aaaaand you have two weeks. Go!

Here are the rules:

  • The adventure/scenario/dungeon must adhere to the One Page Dungeon Contest guidelines. (No sense in reinventing the wheel…)
  • It must be a Gamma World adventure (any edition)
  • It must incorporate the Deck of Many Things
  • It must be in my inbox by midnight, February 28th EST (
  • If you have any questions, please post them in the comments, so that all may benefit from the answer.
  • Unless you specify otherwise in your email, I will be posting all entries on the site at a future date.


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2 Responses to Gamma World Deck of Many Things – A Contest!

  1. Dyson Logos says:

    I’m curious about the legality of releasing what is obviously a derivative work under a license that is more open than the source material – ie: releasing Gamma World material using the Creative Commons license (which is a requirement of the One Page Dungeon Contest).


    Which is to say I’m going to work on this. 🙂

  2. Benoit says:

    I guess we could call them “Post Apocalyptic Mutant One Page Dungeons.”

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