How I Fit Three Dungeon Command Sets Into One Box

3sets1With the new Dungeon Command set coming out this week, I thought I’d write a short article on how I fit three Dungeon Command sets into one Dungeon Command box. Fair warning, however: some of my suggestions will have the purists among you gnashing your teeth and setting your computers on fire, but for the pragmatists, these techniques will work quite well.

So let’s get something out of the way first. If you’re the type of person who has to keep your gaming stuff in the same condition that you bought it in, this article is not for you. Because the first thing I’m going to tell you to do is throw away that huge plastic insert. Go ahead. All it’s doing is taking up a bunch of space that we can use for other things. Besides, you bought it to use, not let sit on a shelf, didn’t you? So let’s use that box to its fullest potential.

Once that bulky insert is gone, you’ll see we have a lot more room to work with. The dungeon tiles and commander cards go on the right hand side of the box. You can just stack them up.

We'll get to those minis and cards in a minute

We’ll get to those minis and cards in a minute

Ok, so now you’re going to need to do a little papercraft. Well, cardboard-craft, I guess. You’ll need something the thickness of a cereal box. Make a tray just wide enough for the cards. Now, you’ll notice that the cards are too tall for the box. That’s fine, and it’s the reason I can only fit three sets in a box. You just let the cards lean back a bit until the lid closes.


I set the HP counters behind the cards

I set the HP counters behind the cards

If you’re wondering what I’m using there for HP counters, you can check out the Dungeon Command Accessories article.

When I was first brainstorming the best way to organize my Dungeon Command boxes, I would put the minis on top of the dungeon tiles. However, moving them off the top of the tiles got old and tedious quickly. I decided they needed their own dedicated tray. Easy enough with a little more cardboard. Make sure the tray is fairly shallow, and that you have a way to grab it. I just used some packing tape to make “handles.” Nothing fancy.

The minis are on a cardboard tray so you can lift them all out at once.

The minis are on a cardboard tray so you can lift them all out at once.

And that’s about it. Get rid of that huge plastic insert, make a card tray, and a mini tray, and you can easily fit three sets of Dungeon Command into one box!


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5 Responses to How I Fit Three Dungeon Command Sets Into One Box

  1. Alphastream says:

    This is pretty awesome. I have real trouble getting rid of original parts, but for Dungeon Command I own two of each box. I think this has convinced me to keep one set pristine and actually combine the other ones! Halfway to the cure! 🙂

    • Benoit says:

      I do get the whole “I want to keep it all intact” compulsion. For me it comes down to utility vs. resale value. For Dungeon Command, I’d rather be able to cart around 3 sets in one box than get top dollar when (really, IF) I ever sell the sets.

  2. Eddie says:

    Real neat, thanks. I’m also one of those that just doesn’t dare break or throw away original stuff… I have all of Dominion (w/out alchemy) in a cool painter’s box, and yet I still hang on to every single Dominion box…

    For DC I’m thinking of going to get a new box or some kind, but I do like where this went.

    What would make it awesome, would be if there were a community or WOTC contributed image that could cover the whole DC family; you here have to pick, which box shall you use… and yet you’re carrying three factions…

  3. Alphastream says:

    I took the plunge! Because I judge a lot at big cons I’ve received one of each box as rewards, in addition to the sets I purchased. What I found is that I can fit three sets in a box, including my extra cards and minis! Kind of like six sets in one box!

    I started with the drow, goblins, and Cormyr. I put in the single box one set of instructions, one set of tiles for each set, two sets of counters/tokens, one set of command cards from each set, and then all the minis and order and creature cards. And it all fit!

    Of course, there is space in my Gruumsh/Undeath box… hurry up and release another set, WotC!

  4. Alphastream says:

    I’ve uploaded a Vine video showing the way I fit 10 sets into the 2 boxes.

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