Gamma World One Page Dungeon Winner!

gardengang-thumbI am pleased to announce the winner in the Gamma World Deck of Many Things contest! The winner is John Quirk, with his entry “Tangling With The Garden Gang.”

In this delve, the PCs are sent to a labyrinthine garden to recover an artifact stolen from the nearby settlement of Galt. Something about a deck of cards or something.

This is a tight little delve, with fun art, including NPC portraits. I especially liked the concept behind “The Seeds of Eden,” which is definitely something you could use as a hook into future adventures. Just have the PCs find some of the coveted seeds in one of the sheds scattered around the garden. All in all, something you should download and use!

You can download the one page delve for your own game as a pdf here.
Or, as a high quality image file here.

You can connect with John on Twitter @JohnFQuirk and be sure to check out his Tumblr site.


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