Is The Blog Dead?

nicubunu_Emoticons_Sad_faceSo, you may have noticed that the frequency with which I update the blog here has kind of dropped off. Am I done blogging?
Probably not. However, I will not be updating on a regular basis anymore, mostly because I realized that the blog was beginning to encroach on time I’d rather spend with my family and on other hobbies. Yes, I have other hobbies.

This is not a “sorry I haven’t been blogging guys, I’ll blog again soon” post, mostly because I really hate those kinds of blog “posts.” They’re lame, and waste my time. Instead, I’m going to let you know what I’m working on, plus a kind of big announcement for the blog.

What I’m Working On

So, I’m still involved in RPGs, I’m just not as committed to the time suck that is blogging. I’m also still playing a lot of board games. I also have a few projects in the pipeline. All these will probably be blogged about:

  • At least one Hero Kids adventure. This one is almost done, I just need to playtest it with my kids.
  • A new RPG system. Isn’t everyone doing this nowadays? Maybe I’ll Kickstart it, maybe not, but when it comes out, you’ll be sure to know.
  • The Fourthcore Team Deathmatch Gencon terrains. Guys, I still love doing terrain, and I still love FTDM. I’m doing the terrains for Gencon again, and I’ll be sure to take pictures. I may even do one of my time-lapse Youtube videos.
  • My summer D&D binge session with my group. The guys will be home from college again this summer, and we’re planning on trying a few new RPGs on top of the D&D, so I’ll try and report in.
  • I’m sure I’m missing something…

What About The Weekly Roundup?

For several years, I did a weekly roundup on Saturday or Sunday with links to other RPG Blog articles. It was fun for me to do, but I realized that Twitter is probably a better medium for that sort of thing. So, if you want my links to interesting RPG articles, you can follow me on Twitter. I retweet and tweet article links all the time. I don’t know yet if I’ll intersperse my links throughout the week, or drop them all at once, but probably the former. And don’t worry, I’m not a frequent tweet-er, so I’m not going to clog up your feed (though I will be the first to admit that I’m not always on-topic. Part of the charm, I’m sure).


As of right now, I’m planning on migrating the blog over to I’m finding that my hosting fees are simply not worth paying for a “vanity” URL. I haven’t even started migrating my content yet, so there’s a chance that I’ll find I don’t like the limitations of and stay put, but as of right now, the cost of self-hosting isn’t worth it to me. Don’t worry, we’re still Roving Band of Misfits, the URL will only change slightly.

That’s it! I’ll post another Mini Map Monday next week, I still have a few in the queue, and they’re pretty fun to make, so I’ll probably keep doing them.

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2 Responses to Is The Blog Dead?

  1. Alphastream says:

    I can absolutely understand, even if I’ll miss your more frequent blog postings (and podcast!).

    How does Hero Kids compare to RPG Kids? It would be cool to hear about a comparison in your experience (I haven’t tried either, though I’ve tried my own take on a kids’ RPG).

    I’m curious about the hosting costs as compared to what revenue you get through advertising. I’m not really thinking of going down that route (too busy), just curious.

  2. I can completely understand the Time sink that it can be. And how the slightest things can interfere with it. I’m trying to get ready for my third attempt at this Blogging thing.

    In other news, Something Awesome has happened! The Mini that you helped craft for me has been PAINTED! Linky-Link to a thread about it below:)

    I’ll always remember your advice on my Half-Orc Monk, thog, and your hard work bringing Donkey Kong to Miniature Life. And so will my Players on Saturday when they get to face him!! Good Luck and keep Rolling:)


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