Fourthcore Team Deathmatch Terrain: Mortal Kombat

This week, I’m presenting the three terrains I did for the Gencon Fourthcore Team Deathmatch Tournament of Champions. If you’d like to see these terrains in person, feel free to drop by. If you need to know the room’s location, feel free to tweet @CStevenRoss.

The map I was working off of for Mortal Kombat can be found here. Go ahead and check it out. At first, the map is a bit of an enigma. Where do the minis stand? How do they move around? It helps to know that it’s attempting to emulate a side-scrolling video game; basically, there’s a strip where the characters can stand on each level, and they move up and down levels. This may seem familiar to anyone who has played Mortal Kombat…

But how to translate that into three dimensions? There were a few options, one of which was “stacked” levels, where each level was directly above each other, but I decided to instead go with a “step” approach. This makes the model more stable, and still has a very decided vertical feel to it. The only drawback to this piece is that, for it to work really well, no one can be playing from behind it.

The backgrounds are just from the map image, resized and printed out on paper, then glued onto the styrofoam base.


I tried to make the floor on each level somewhat appropriate, based on what the original map has.MK3

Here’s a side view of the piece. I used regular old styrofoam, found in the floral arrangement area of my local craft store. Oh if those little old craft ladies knew what I did with this stuff…. “Yeah, I’m going to use it to make a FOURTHCORE DEATHMATCH ARENA! WOOOHOOOO!”

MK4I drybrushed the lowest level with Dark Angel Green, which turned out to be pretty much the same color green as the slime on the walls. It made the floor really look like part of the background.

And that’s it for that model. The first two were a cakewalk compared to tomorrow’s piece! Make sure to come back and check it out!

Oh, and while I have your attention, check out The Gamer Effect. I’ve been doing some blogging over there, as have a bunch of other people whom you may recognize!

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