LFR Modules Map

Last Updated: April 10, 2012

Link to Full Page Spreadsheet

You can find the official Living Forgotten Realms adventure download site here.
You can find the Living Forgotten Realms wiki list of adventures here.
The official LFR community (forums, announcements, etc.) can be found here.

More information about some of the modules can be found at the LFR Oxford site
Here is the blog post explaining why we made this map.

How to use this page:

  • Everything is color coded.
  • Player regions are circled in color. The name of the region corresponding to the color is written below the map. The region’s modules are headed in (roughly) the same color on the spreadsheet.
  • Adaptables and mini campaign locations are circled in white.
  • Locations for core adventures are circled in black. There is also a number by these locations, which corresponds to a number on the spreadsheet:
    100’s are H1 400’s are P1 700’s are E1
    200’s are H2 500’s are P2 800’s are E2
    300’s are H3 600’s are P3 900’s are E3


  • Returned Abeir is a continent located far to the west of Faerun, and is not on the map. Anything taking place there is indicated by a colored arrow on the west edge of the map.
  • Modules that take place in The Underdark, on an earthmote, or in some other “non-specific” location are only marked by a number on the bottom of the map.
    Note: I am not an expert in the geography of Faerun, nor have I played all of the mods. If something on the map or spreadsheet is wrong, please don’t hesitate to email me, and I can fix it.